Vizo offers stylish square-shaped wall recessed lighting in two models, designed to enhance any space effortlessly. Featuring LED technology with 3 × 0.7W NICHIA bulbs, Vizo consumes just 3.1W of power while providing optimal brightness. With a robust IK10 rating, it ensures durability and resilience. Choose from Dark Grey, Silver Grey, or Sanded Black finishes… Continue reading Vizo


Helix features a modern design with efficient 3W LED lighting, ideal for contemporary spaces. With a beam angle of 120° and voltage range of 110-277V, Helix offers versatile installation options. With an IK rating of 05, Helix ensures protection against impacts, available in Dark Grey, Light Grey, and Sanded Black finishes.


Core combines sleek design and performance in two sizes: small (3 × 2W, 378 lm) and medium (5 × 3W, 850 lm). Both sizes operate at 110-277V with a beam angle of 75° × 65°. This fixture offers versatile installation options, with an IK rating of 03 for durability and impact protection. Core ensures efficient… Continue reading Core

Navi (two side)

Illuminate your space with precision using Navi, available in small and medium sizes to suit your lighting needs. Emitting beams from two sides, Navi provides comprehensive illumination for enhanced visibility and ambiance. With a wide voltage range of 110-277V and an IK rating of 04, Navi ensures reliability and durability for indoor and outdoor installations.… Continue reading Navi (two side)

Navi (one side)

Illuminate your space with precision using the Navi fixture, available in small and medium sizes. Emitting a focused beam from one side, Navi highlights specific areas or architectural features with ease. Operable within a wide voltage range of 110-277V and boasting an IK rating of 04, Navi ensures reliability and durability for various indoor and… Continue reading Navi (one side)

Acruz (two side)

Illuminate your space with the sleek and versatile Acruz fixture, available in small and medium sizes. Emitting beams from both sides, Acruz ensures comprehensive lighting coverage to enhance any environment. Operating efficiently with LED technology, the small size consumes 12W and delivers 2 x 792 lm luminance, while the medium size consumes 21W with 2… Continue reading Acruz (two side)

Acruz (one side)

Acruz offers modern lighting with a sleek design and targeted beam emission from one side. Available in small (6.4W, 792 lm) and medium (10.5W, 836 lm) sizes, it ensures efficient illumination for various settings. Operable within a wide input voltage range of 110-277V, Acruz provides flexibility for installation in different environments. With an IK rating… Continue reading Acruz (one side)


Litzy collection offers a selection of rectangular-shaped wall recessed lighting, tailored to enhance any space with its sleek design and versatile functionality. With three models to choose from, each powered by efficient LED technology, Litzy provides optimal illumination while consuming either 4.3W or 4.6W, depending on the model. With a robust IK10 rating, it ensures… Continue reading Litzy


Spark offers a sleek rectangular-shaped wall recessed lighting solution that combines style and functionality seamlessly. With advanced LED technology featuring 20 × 0.2W NICHIA bulbs, Spark delivers exceptional brightness while consuming just 6.8W of power. With a robust IK10 rating and IP65 protection, it ensures durability and resilience against outdoor elements. Choose from Dark Grey,… Continue reading Spark


Lumextra Collection offers round-shaped wall recessed lighting in three versatile models, each meticulously crafted to elevate your space with precision illumination. Powered by efficient LED technology, Lumextra provides optimal brightness with power ranging from 1.3W to 6W, tailored to suit your needs. With a durable IK10 rating, it ensures resilience and longevity, perfect for any… Continue reading Lumextra