Zanis – a cutting-edge spotlight series engineered to redefine illumination in any space with precision and innovation. With two distinctive models – small and medium – Zanis offers unparalleled lighting solutions tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Designed for seamless integration and compatibility, Zanis operates efficiently across a wide voltage range, making it suitable… Continue reading Zanis


Astrid – a visionary spotlight series designed to elevate your lighting experience with unparalleled performance and versatility. With two distinct models – small and medium – Astrid sets the standard for precision illumination in any environment. From focused spot lighting to broader coverage, Astrid provides the flexibility to create the perfect ambiance for any setting.… Continue reading Astrid


Thane – a beacon of light designed to illuminate spaces with elegance and efficiency. Thane is more than just a light source. It’s a design statement with its sleek and modern aesthetic. Thane seamlessly integrates into any architectural or interior design scheme, adding a touch of sophistication to every space it illuminates. Designed for convenience… Continue reading Thane


Terri – a dynamic spotlight series crafted to illuminate spaces with sophistication and precision. Powered by advanced LED technology, Terri delivers exceptional brightness and clarity to enhance any space. Terri delivers impressive luminance levels, with the small model offering 792 lumens and the medium model providing 1227 lumens, ensuring vibrant and well-lit environments.


Berel – a sophisticated spotlight series designed to redefine illumination in any setting. Berel’s precision-engineered lens options – B55, B56, and B57 – combined with a selectable degree of 24, offer unparalleled beam control and distribution, allowing you to tailor the lighting to your exact specifications. Berel prioritizes durability and safety with an impressive IK07… Continue reading Berel


Rayz – an innovative spotlight series designed to illuminate spaces with precision and style. With three distinct models, Rayz offers versatility to suit various lighting needs, from intimate settings to expansive environments. Designed for convenience and compatibility, Rayz operates seamlessly across a wide voltage range of 110-277V, making it suitable for diverse electrical systems. Illuminate… Continue reading Rayz


Meet Titawin flood lights—available in 3 sizes, crafted with precision from die-casting aluminum. Powered by efficient LED technology, operating seamlessly on 110-277V with a focused 20° beam angle. Choose from the sleek Sanded Black or modern Dark Grey finish options to elevate your outdoor lighting. Illuminate boldly with Titawin—where durability and design converge.


Introducing Alcor Flood Lights—offering versatility in 4 sizes, expertly crafted with die-casting aluminum finishing. Powered by efficient LED technology, Alcor seamlessly operates on 110-277V. Choose your preferred selected degree from 22°, 24°, 32°, to 25° for customized illumination. Elevate your outdoor spaces with the refined finishes of Sanded Black, Dark Grey, or Silver Grey. Illuminate… Continue reading Alcor


Introducing Ancer Flood Lights—a stylish square design in three sizes. Crafted with durable die-casting aluminum, Ancer operates seamlessly on 110-277V, offering a focused 30° beam angle. With an IP66 rating, it withstands the elements. Choose from Sanded Black, Dark Grey, or Silver Grey to elevate your outdoor lighting. Illuminate with Ancer—where style meets resilience.


Introducing Castor Flood Lights—sleek design in three sizes, die-casting aluminum finish. Operates on 110-277V with efficient LED technology and boasts an IP66 rating for durability. Choose from stylish finishes: Sanded black, Dark grey, or Silver grey. Elevate your outdoor lighting with Castor—where design meets resilience.