NINFEA: a powerful recessed pool light designed to elevate aquatic environments with its trio of 2.2W OSRAM LEDs. With precise 30° A8 lens, it offers customizable brightness (520 lumens CW / 443 lumens WW) and dimming options via Triac PWM or 1-10V DALI. Operating on 110-277V, NINFEA combines efficiency with durability (IK07 rating) for a… Continue reading Ninfea


Pluto the pinnacle of recessed pool lighting. With a potent 2.2W OSRAM LED, 30° B15 lens, and versatile voltage input (110-277V), Pluto radiates brilliance while conserving energy. Choose between Cool White (200 lumens) and Warm White (185 lumens), with dimming options via Triac PWM or 1-10V DALI customization. Durable (IK07 rated) and stylish, Pluto transforms… Continue reading Pluto


KVINS the ultimate recessed pool light available in two models. With a potent 3.6W OSRAM LED, it offers versatility with a choice of 30° or 45°-35° beam angles. Operating on 110-277V, KVINSI consumes 8.8W with an operating current of 210 mA. Enjoy customizable brightness (CW=426/416 lumens, WW=322/316 lumens) and dimming support via Triac PWM or… Continue reading Kvinsi


Renji Collection: a range of high-performance recessed pool lights designed to enhance aquatic environments with precision and style. With four models offering varying luminance outputs and power consumptions, each featuring LED technology, 20° beam angle, and dimming support, Renji lights ensure optimal visibility and ambiance in any pool setting. Built to withstand underwater challenges with… Continue reading Renji


Fiore the pinnacle of recessed pool lighting. With LED technology, two models offering 30° or 45°-35° beam angles, and a voltage range of 110-277V, Fiore provides versatility and performance. Consuming 22.8W at 950 mA, it delivers impressive luminance (1578 CW | 1324 WW for 30°, 1280 CW | 1102 WW for 45°-35°). With an IK… Continue reading Fiore


Erba is sleek recessed pool lighting available in two models with LED technology. Choose between 30° or 45°-35° beam angles to suit your pool’s needs. Operating on 110-277V, Erba consumes 12.8W at 535 mA, delivering 1000 lm for the 30° model and 900 lm for the 45°-35° model. With an IK rating of 09 and… Continue reading Erba


Luna is powerful LED recessed light with a 30° beam angle. Operating at 1200 mA and 28.8W, it delivers 2300 lumens in Cool White and 2062 lumens in Warm White. With Triac PWM and 1-10V DALI dimming support, Luna offers versatility for any space.


Discover the Viaon Collection, featuring a range of underwater lights in five models and sizes. With precision B33 lenses and LED technology, Viaon illuminates with a 24° selected degree, enhancing pools, fountains, and water features. Choose from various power options to suit your needs


Skale offers underwater illumination at its finest. Equipped with a precision B73 lens and efficient LED light source, Skale casts a radiant glow with a 30° selected degree, enhancing the beauty of aquatic environments. Operating at 5W and with an IK08 rating, Skale ensures durability and reliability underwater. Illuminate your pools, fountains, and water features… Continue reading Skale


Kora offers unparalleled underwater lighting solutions in two versatile models. With precision B27 lenses and advanced LED technology, Kora emits a radiant glow with a 30° selected degree, enhancing the allure of aquatic environments. Choose between 12.8W or 22.8W power options to suit your illumination needs. With an IK09 rating, Kora ensures durability and reliability… Continue reading Kora