Light for the parks and the public area. Specially designed for commercial use

Light for the parks and the public area. Specially designed for commercial use

March 19, 2024

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The lighting of squares and parks has its own requirements as they are spaces that are used both day and night by many people. It is important to use light sources that will help improve the utility of the spaces, allowing them to remain open and functional for many hours each day. We in Bullard Outdoor collected for you some important aspects you should take into account:

Public security

Security is fundamental in these spaces, especially at night. If parks and squares remain in darkness, the public will not feel safe. Consequently, if these places are poorly lit, people may avoid them at night. For large pedestrian areas and public spaces, type V or symmetric optical system together with high performance is the most suitable. Why? Because it can increase sense of security. In. a square, especially somewhere at poor security situation, crowded people there. Someone might easily take chance to misconduct.

In these locations, urban lighting for large spaces with highly efficient and quality, can bring advantages for security of citizens. Its better visibility enhance the cognition of surrounding environment for people. In addition, it is one of the source of comfortable environments even at night. Urban light with higher brightness and bigger lighting areas contributes to the individual safety.

Energy saving

Saving energy is important when illuminating parks, in particular large ones. Care must be taken with the designs so that the installations are both efficient and effective. One such method is to install motion sensors in the luminaires so as to improve energy savings. In this case LED technology offers energy efficiency, leading to significant cost savings over time. The long lifespan of LED lights minimizes maintenance costs and ensures reliable operation. The alternative solution also could be using the solar lighting systems. Parks, gardens, squares, playgrounds, sports fields, game courts, solar lighting solves the lighting deficits of many public spaces. Lack of network, aging electrical installations, land constraints, the solar street lamp answers all problems by offering a powerful, reliable and sustainable lighting, adapted to each practice.

Creating atmosphere

Adequate lighting enhances the use and enjoyment of these areas, improving the aesthetics of their emblematic features with the appropriate luminaires. With the correct integration of these lights, it is possible to create a relaxing atmosphere while highlighting the most important features, such as statues or buildings of great value to the city.

In conclusion, we emphasizing the paramount importance of optimizing lighting solutions for parks and public areas, specifically designed for commercial use. Focusing on public security, energy-saving measures, and creating a captivating atmosphere, the considerations provided aim to enhance both functionality and aesthetics. From employing advanced optical systems for safety to incorporating energy-efficient LED and solar technologies, these strategies ensure not only enhanced security but also contribute to sustainable and visually appealing urban environments.